The kids are out of school for the summer! Now is the perfect time to keep them occupied and bond as a family before the school year starts again. It holds true for all families that spending time together strengthens those bonds that bring everyone closer together. Family time doesn’t have to be an elaborate vacation. It can be as easy as coming together to watch a movie in the living room or sitting together at the dinner table most nights.

Here are some fun family activities for all ages to make this the best
summer yet!

Beach Vacation

Pack a suitcase and a beach bag and go get your toes sandy! Nothing is better than a beach vacation whether if it is for the day, a weekend, or even a whole week. Don’t forget your boogie boards!

RV Roadtrip

Get active and take a road trip to the mountains or a national park. It is always a good time to explore, hike, and take in the beautiful scenery of somewhere new.

Family Picnic

Pack up your picnic basket with all of your favorite snacks or lunches and take it outdoors on a bright and sunny day. Take it to your local park or even to your own backyard.

Grill with your friends

Give your friends and their families a call and host a cookout! This event can be saved for the Fourth of July. It will give Mom an excuse to decorate the house and backyard. You can catch up with good company and the kids can play outside. 

Pool Day

Splash around with the kiddos all day at the pool or lay out in the sun for a fun and peaceful afternoon.

Lake / Boat Day

If your family enjoys water sports, grab your wakeboards, water skis, tubes, and enjoy a serious day of fun!


A backyard or beach bonfire at night is a fun way to bond with family. Make it delicious by building a s’mores bar with different kinds of chocolate and candies.

Outdoor Movie Night

Get DIY savvy! Set up a large movie screen with a white sheet and projector, grab all the snacks, and watch your kids’ favorite movie.

Theme Park

Splurge and take a vacation to your favorite theme park such as Disney, Universal Studios, Six Flags, or Busch Gardens. Especially for kids who are adrenaline junkies! These memories will last a lifetime!

Keep A&O in mind for all your summer activities! Our pints are perfect for snacks and appetizers to feed a crowd. We can supply 4-Cup and 12-Cup entrees and sides for travel and also for group gatherings that are as simple as taking the time to put it into your oven. Leave the prep work and cooking to us so you can spend more time with your family and loved ones!



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